2013…this is what living is to me

The decision is final — during 2013 I will give up a permanent home to travel around living out of campgrounds.  I couldn’t be more excited!

Several so-called “life events” of 2012 served as not-so-subtle reminders of how precious and precarious our little lives are.  We never really know how much time we have left and it is a shame how much of our scarce time is consumed by the everyday tasks of “normal” life.  I’ve always been puzzled by the way most of us spend the majority of our time working ourselves to the bone to be able to afford stuff that we think is supposed to make us happy and save up for big fun in retirement, no matter how far off that is.  I ended up in this normal life somewhat by accident, because I never had a strong vision of how I wanted to live.  Well now I know what I want to do, at least for a while, and I’m going for it.

The last couple of months I have been away from home a good bit and this has helped me realize that this latent dream of mine is something that I can no longer push aside…I have to follow through with this or else I will always regret not doing so.  I feel as though I’m finally answering my personal lifelong “call of the wild”…to simplify life, live outdoors, and spend more time doing the things that I love; to break off and blaze my own unique trail rather than continue the well-trodden path followed by so many.   I want to see America as a traveler rather then a tourist, communing with nature, visiting family and friends, making new friends, and do this all in my own way and on my own terms.  My main worldly possessions will soon consist of a VW hatchback, a small home-built trailer (to be constructed), a tent, a laptop, miscellaneous camping equipment, and (last but certainly not least) my dog and companion who shares my love of outdoor adventures.

“Follow the wheel” refers both to traveling (I have a really hard time staying in one place for too long) and following my personal incarnation of the dharma wheel (more on why I like the outlook of Buddhism later).  This site will serve as a journal and as a way to keep in touch with friends and family.  While I have to spend a lot of time alone or I go crazy, I do enjoy spending time with those I care about and I enjoy meeting new people.  While much of this adventure will happen while I’m by myself, I will never feel alone if I know that there are people I care about and people who care about me.

As I contemplate the adventures I hope to find in 2013 and beyond, I can’t help but be reminded of the chorus from Jimmy Buffett’s That’s What Living is to Me:

Be good and you will be lonesome
Be lonesome and you will be free
Live a lie and you will live to regret it
That’s what living is to me
That’s what living is to me.

Happy 2013!  May we spend more time this year pursuing our dreams.  Enjoy this live track from Jimmy!

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