Tent Testing – Part I (Update)

We had a better night.  Temps stayed around 45 F all night and it misted and rained but we stayed dry.  The tent felt pretty warm this morning.  My nylon two-layer tents (inner tent and rainfly) have a bunch of mesh on the inner layer and they really never warm up. This was much warmer than when we camped in similar temperatures in Raleigh before Thanksgiving this year.

I closed up the tent completely and there was only a little condensation this morning.  Pretty good considering it is close to 100% humidity with all of the fog and mist.  This is what it must feel like in the Pacific Northwest a good bit of the time.  I was comfortable and toasty; Roxy didn’t seem cold.  So far so good!

The next step is to rig up a tarp to the front of the tent to provide a little more covered space.  There is a small awning that provides cover for the doorway, but having something bigger would be great.

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