First canoe trip with the trailer

As you may recall, one of the purposes for having a square trailer instead of a teardrop shape was so I could put a canoe on top.  With a couple of additional 2×4’s up top, it worked great!  It was nice to get out in the canoe again – it has been at least a year because I didn’t want to try and take the canoe on top of the car.  Turns out the trailer was great – it was easy to slide the canoe right up from the back.  I used to carry the canoe on my SUV, and I had to first attach some carrier bars (I didn’t want a permanent something on top of the car), then the canoe.  It took half an hour and I usually dropped the canoe on the SUV at least once.  This was much better!

A 16′ canoe isn’t too long for the little trailer after all.

Here are a couple of pictures from canoeing at Lum’s Pond State Park in Delaware.  I have this weird rig that can be used to row a canoe.  It’s fun and is an easier way for one person to paddle a two-person canoe.  Some kid asked his father, “Daddy, why is that guy going backwards?”  I guess that’s just par for the course with me 😉

The canoe in rowing mode.


On Lum’s Pond.



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