Roxy-Dog’s on the DL

In an apparent show of empathy to our beloved Georgia Bulldogs, whose football team has had a rash of nasty injuries this year, Roxy-Dog suffered an injury while playing too hard with younger pups and is now on the disabled list with a lower back injury.  She has been prescribed an anti-inflammatory, a muscle relaxer, and lots of rest.  No running, playing, jumping, stairs, or even long walks for one month 😦   Out for the season, she’s not going to help much with getting everything packed up.  Hopefully she’ll be feeling better by the time we need to move.  I’ll just have to see what happens.

I could tell when I got home that she felt really bad and it gave me quite a scare. I just missed my regular vet, so we had to go to the emergency vet hospital.  It cost a pretty penny, but it bought it some peace of mind that it wasn’t something more serious.  She should be okay if we take it easy and let it heal.  She was stoned out of her mind last night after coming back from the hospital (where she was sedated), and has been doing somewhat better.  When she was ready to eat something after the sedative wore off, she was too sore to lean over and eat, so I had to raise her bowl up.  You know a dog is really hurting if pain interferes with eating.

RD, I hope you are feeling ready to do this again before you know it!  (These images are from a couple of weeks ago at Perryville Community Park.  She appears to love fall as much as I).

Full photo album of this day here.

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