Countdown to liftoff: two weeks!

Roxy-dog is less excited about snow than she was a few years ago

Getting closer!  Two weeks to go and they will go by quickly.  Take away a few days of work-related travel, and I’ve only got a weekend plus a few days to wrap everything up if I’m going to move before Christmas.  I think I’m mostly on schedule, although it will be a close call whether I make it before Christmas or not (the timing may slip to the end of Christmas week).  The one big thing that I’m waiting for is the truck topper for the trailer.  It should be arriving at the dealer any day now, and I hope it shows up soon because I can’t go anywhere without it.  It seems that if it doesn’t show up in the next couple of days, I will probably be delayed a bit.

My soon-to-be-previous backyard all snowed in!

I’m steadily getting everything moved out.  I’ve got a big pile of camping hear mostly sorted and ready to go — I just to see how much room I actually have before making the final decisions on what goes with me and what stays in storage.  I have enjoyed the snow we have had the last few days;  I was really hoping to see a decent snow before I headed south and the universe answered my wishes!  I had my first decent meditation session in quite a while the other day.  I was hiking in the snow and ended up sitting down and just starting at the snow coming down, and listening to the sounds of the little snow and ice crystals bounding off of my clothes.  It was incredibly relaxing and completely changed my mood.  I don’t know if meditation helps you tap into some other reality or if it just calms your mind (or both), but whatever it is I need more of it.  I plan to step that up quite a bit once this move is over.

My little meditation spot

Other than moving and work, I’ve been alternating between thinking a little bit too much about the potential likely collapse of society, and just thinking about the positive things just down the road.  I look forward to having this move done and giving this crazy idea a try and give the old brain a bit of a break for a while.

Can we go back in now?

Roxy-dog has been recovering well.  She seems mostly back to her old self.  I was hoping that we she would be feeling better, becauase there will be a lot of jumping in and out of cars and trailer in the near future.

That’s all I’ve got for now.  Hopefully the new year will bring some more interesting adventures for you readers!

First tracks!

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