Countdown to liftoff: one week?

Another December Saturday, another day bringing a few inches of snow!  I just returned from a business trip and am looking at the schedule for moving.  I still have not heard about the truck topper for the trailer, so it seems more and more likely that I will not be able to move before Christmas.  I’ll call today and see if I can get an ETA on the topper.  I sure hope it fits well when it gets here — I don’t want any more delays.  I’ve got three more days in the office and then I’m off for most of the rest of year (woo-hoo!)  I think I can get things wrapped up pretty quickly around here once I’ve got that extra time.

I’ve figured out an additional backup plan of sorts.  I’ve been looking at the Extended Stay America hotels.  They offer suites with kitchens, are typically pet-friendly, and many seem to be in the price range that would similar to my current housing rent cost per month (the weekly or monthly rates are lower than most hotels).  They have decent and affordable locations near Atlanta and Denver.  There are some in Maryland but they are more expensive.  Something more to look at in the future.  If nothing else, might be a place to take a break and recharge or to hide out during the coldest parts of winter or hottest parts of summer.  I might swing by and check one out around here to see how they are inside.

My trip was to southwestern Virginia and I flew in and out of Tri-Cities airport near Blountville, TN (TRI).  I hadn’t been on a business trip in quite a while, and it reminded my how much I enjoy traveling, even though I didn’t get back until 1:00 this morning.  There is some beautiful country around that area, particularly once you get off of the interstate a little bit.  Ironically, I spent several hours in Atlanta (as many people do, at the airport).  I had a long layover on a return trip that went from Virginia to Atlanta to Philly.  Yeesh.


I received a call from the truck topper dealer — my topper has arrived!  It will be installed next Thursday.  I make it home by Christmas after all.  If not, should at least be that week.  Thank you, Universe!




May all have a great weekend!

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