Countdown to liftoff: one week, maybe less

Getting closer and closer.  Got a reality check yesterday from my last day in the office.  A wave of emotions hit me as I was heading home.  I’ve been going to that building for 13 years.  It has sure flown by.  I imagine I’ll get an even bigger dose of emotions when I leave this area.  The strongest feeling, however, is excitement.

I dropped off the trailer last night to have the camper top installed.  Should have it some time today, assuming that it fits (fingers and toes crossed).  I got a peek at the camper top last night and it looked much better (and bigger) than I expected.  I think that it is going to work out perfectly!  Look for some pictures later today.

Roxy dog seems more or less back to normal.  We took a longer-than-normal walk this morning to savor the sunny day in Fair Hill and the slightly warmer morning today.  I will miss Shakira the kitty.  I’d love to take her with me, but a kitty (and associated litter box) in such a small space (including tents) doesn’t seem feasible.  There are a couple of options for good homes, so at least I know she will be cared for well.

First order of business today is to set up my walk-through here at the house, which will likely decide when I will be able to leave.  The earliest possible time for departure appears to be Saturday afternoon, putting me in Georgia in time for Christmas.

There’s lots to do — I’m getting back to it!

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