Excited about 2014

January 13, 2014

Well, things seem to be going great now that I’m here.  (Note to future self: as long as you are mindful you always are where you are).

I started working from my new home today and tried a stand-up desk configuration.  Yikes — I can’t believe how sore I am just from standing around!  My feet hurt, as do my calves, my hamstrings, and my arse cheeks.  Seriously, I felt like I had done something much more taxing than just standing there.  Even the hip flexors on the front side are letting me know that they were used.  Good grief.  My feet need some more cushion, but overall I like it.  I’m not sure about the treadmill desk now.  I can walk in place when I’m reading something, but while typing I had to stand still.  I think a treadmill desk is probably overkill and would result in more weight and cost than is necessary.  Plus if I walked all morning I would be asleep and snoring like Roxy-dog right now.

Forget about not being able to ski because I live in Georgia — I’m going this weekend with an old friend to one of the ski areas somewhere around Boone, NC.  I usually have a great time skiing by myself, but I’m looking forward to going with a friend.  The last time we skied together, I was the grasshopper.  Now…I am…the master.  Or something like that — we’ll see.  Roxy will have to be boarded.  I found what appears to be a good place, but as far as I know she has never been boarded before (did that sound dirty to everyone else too or is it just me?)  She follows me around everywhere like a little…well…puppy dog.  I will eventually have to travel for work, which means that she will have to get boarded at some point, so might as well be now (I hate to admit it, but I have used that argument before in a different context).  Plus, she gets to hang around me all of the time now during the day, so a couple of days on her own now and then won’t be too bad I hope.

She felt better the other day and she has been rolling around on her back with legs up in the air several times since we moved (again not meaning to sound dirty).  Her issue on the stairs is hit or miss.  Sometimes she bounds right up them and other times she goes slow it and grunts on each step.  It seems like whatever bothers her is only on the way up, so as long as we’re not in and out too many times throughout the day and not pushing it too hard (really I’m not doing this on purpose) she should be okay.

Okay, it is obvious from my snide remarks to myself that I am in a better mood than I have been the last couple of years.  That is because 2014 is shaping up to be good.  I think by moving — by putting all of this into action rather than sitting around and planning it all the time — I have broken past the rut of the last couple of years.  I’m reminded of an interview about Lenny Kravitz and something about when he cut off his dreadlocks it released a bunch of negative energy.  That’s how I feel from getting rid of all most of my junk.  I’m starting anew but in a familiar place, and it feels great.  New but comfortable at the same time.

Some post over the last year I was talking about how some of my best decisions were easy ones, and involved moving across the country without seeing the new place or without knowing anyone etc..  I just a feeling and went with out, and it almost always turns out.  Well, this decision took forever, but now that I’ve finally done it I realized that I should have listened to that little voice a long time ago.  Religious people sometimes talk about being “called” to a particular occupation or church or whatever.  I kind-of feel like that for several things: being outdoors, coming back to Georgia.  I’m not ready to attribute it to a personal deity, but whatever it is it does seem to feel good to be in accordance with it.

Maybe change for the sake of change is good advice.  We’ll see.  I’ll bookmark this and come back toward the end of the year and see if I agree with it.  Right now, though, I feel as good as I have in a really long time.  I’m excited about moving forward again, and I’ve reminded myself that while change can be scary, if you’re thinking a lot about change it probably is a good idea.


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