The first month of Athens

What can I say? We’ve had a good month!

I thought I would take a second and look back at my first month here in Athens.  It has gone by relatively quickly.  I have been able to hang out with my grandfather and father a few times, and I have been able to hang out with old buddies a few times.  I have been downtown a couple of times, once for drinking and once for a concert, checked out some good food and brew nearby, been to the mountains twice (and skiing once) and checked out a lot of local parks.  So far, pretty excellent!  I have met a couple of people at bars, but so far not anyone that I will probably hang out with in any other context.  I have joined a couple of tennis and meetup groups so hopefully I will meet some new peeps.

Blue sky, big tree on UGA campus.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the number of days over 60 degrees.  Shorts weather in January and February was not something that I was accustomed to used to in Maryland.  But it has been a great motivator for getting outside, and Roxy-dog likes the warmth over the cold in her old age.  Speaking of Roxy-dog, I think I’ve figured out what is up with her health.  She seems to be fine for a little while, and then she gets run down and she needs a good nap to recharge.  So it looks like there will be a lot of short, relatively easy walks in our future.  For example, this weekend we walked a nature trail near Memorial Park, hit Dudley Park and the Oconee River greenway, and stumbled on Bryan Park in Crawford, GA while going for a nice country drive with the sunroof open.  I also had a nice bike ride in the country near the apartment (well it was nice until the pedal fell off — riding one-footed is tricky).

I had a little bit of what my grandmother used to call a “sinking spell”.  She may have meant getting tired, but I’ll use it to refer to a sudden drop in my state of happiness, probably corresponding with my searching into some meaning and purpose again combined with the realization that I know almost no one here.  But I went back to studying Buddhism and doing some meditation.  I instantly felt better.  I don’t what to say; it is only thing I have ever found besides being outdoors (which for me is a lot like meditation anyway) that works.  I’m making sure to remind myself that although I am a variety seeker in a lot of aspects of life, when it comes to things that increase your happiness, it is usually good to stick with what works.

Some live music at the 40 Watt Club, one of Athens’ legendary music halls.

I have the bug to go camping!  I’m going to go soon even though all of my stuff is stuck in Maryland.  If I don’t worry about being able to cook, I’ve got most of what I need anyway.  The big missing thing is a sleeping bag.  I may just grab a few of the cheap fleece sleeping bags — they are light, cheap, and surprisingly warm.  Plus, they’re good for having around the house as extra blankets.  Otherwise, I’m good to go for a couple of nights at least.  I just remembered — I can go camp during the week now if I want to!  I know we’re supposed to get some more winter weather this week, but perhaps as soon as it warms up again I will do it.  It’s killing me knowing that the trailer is just sitting in storage and I’ve never camped out of it.

Nothing like a little shut-eye after some fun!

See a few more pictures here.

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