Eggs come from a chicken, not a bunny, dummy!

These Christian holidays always put in a strange reflective mood.  So I leave you with two things to celebrate today.  The first is a long but thought-provoking article that concludes:

Whether unbelief yields an attitude of despair (or even resignation), of optimism, or of rebellion depends in part, as noted, upon whether one lacks belief that there is a god, or, believing that there is, lacks belief in that god. Many unbelievers, I am sure, find themselves drawn to more than one of these possibilities. I myself feel strongly the tug of all three. But, if there is a God, and that God is the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Jesus, then I affirm that there is one stance that is legitimate and justified. It is rebellion.

Some apologists tell us that God remains hidden from us so as not to coerce our worship. But God is not hiding out of solicitude for our freedom. We have not forgotten Job: therefore we understand that God is hiding out of cowardice. God is in hiding because He has too much to hide. We do not seek burning bushes or a pillar of smoke. No: we wish to see God. Can God stand before us; can God see the face of suffering humanityand live?

Can I get an AMEN!?

The second is an Alice in Chains song called Angry Chair that expresses how I feel whenever religion is in the air.  And yes this should turned up until your ears almost bleed.  Cheers!

“Angry Chair”

Sitting on an angry chair
Angry walls that still the air
Stomach hurts and I don’t care
What do I see across the way, hey
See myself molded in clay, oh
Stares at me, yeah I’m afraid, hey
Changing the shape of his face, aw yeah
Candles red I have a pair
Shadows dancing everywhere
Burning on the angry chair
Little boy made a mistake, hey
Pink cloud has now turned to gray, oh
All that I want is to play, hey
Get on your knees, time to pray, boyI don’t mind, yeah
I don’t mind, I-I-I [2x]
Lost my mind, yeah
But I don’t mind, I-I-I
Can’t find it anywhere
I don’t mind

Corporate prison, we stay, hey
I’m a dull boy, work all day, oh
So I’m strung out anyway, hey

Loneliness is not a phase
Field of pain is where I graze
Serenity is far away

Saw my reflection and cried, hey
So little hope that I died, oh
Feed me your lies, open wide, hey
Weight of my heart, not the size, oh

I don’t mind, yeah
I don’t mind, I-I-I [2x]
Lost my mind, yeah
But I don’t mind, I-I-I
Can’t find it anywhere
I don’t mind, I-I-I

Pink cloud has now turned to gray
All that I want is to play
Get on your knees time to pray, boy

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2 Responses to Eggs come from a chicken, not a bunny, dummy!

  1. Hickersonia says:

    I would be interested in reading the entirety of the article you quoted — but I don’t see a link anywhere. Sorry if that is just me being dense…

    Interesting lyrics — I’m not very familiar with Alice and Chains, but my wife informs me that the song is probably not appropriate for our children to listen to and so I will not listen to it right this particular moment… in any event, I hope your frustration subsides and that you are well, friend.

    • I was in a hurry to get to my grandparents and I forgot to include the link – thanks for reminding me. Yes much of AIC music is probably better for adults only. Many of the Layne Staley (the singer’s) lyrics have to do with personal demons; addiction, depression, and existential angst seem to pop up quite a bit. The combination of raw emotion and mood in their songs is what captivates me. Check out Dirt for a harder collection and Jar of Flies for a softer much different feel. They’re my favorite band ever to have been saddled with the “grunge’ label. Whenever I was feeling really depressed, listening to AIC reminded me that I was not the only one and always made me feel better once my ears quit ringing. Hope you enjoy!

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