The next big road trip awaits

I haven’t been able to provide any more details on the last A.T. hike because I have been super busy.  Last weekend, I went back down to Texas for work and worked over a full week in a few days.  The schedule was strange too, up late one night, up early the next morning, and then up really late the following night.  I am supposed to be heading out to Maryland / Delaware tomorrow, but I am really tired after this week and running around much of the day getting everything ready to go.

Trailer 2.0 is mostly packed and parked outside.  I just have to pack my clothes, stuff for R-dog, the computers, and we can be off.  I am actually thinking about delaying the trip a week because I am so pooped.  Plus, I have still have one work thing due Monday that I haven’t started on yet and I’m too tired tonight to mess with it.  Lastly, I think R-dog is still recovering a little bit from being boarded last weekend.  She sleeps so much it is hard to tell.  I’m going to hit the rack early and see how I feel in the morning.  If I can finish up that thing for work and get on the road by noon or so, I will probably go for it.  If I’m still beat, I will wait a week.

I want to go; I haven’t been able to camp much because the schedule has been so crazy since I got back from Colorado (skiing seems like forever ago; as a matter of fact, I don’t think I even had time to write anything about it).  That’s the way it goes sometimes!  I’m happy not to be bored at work.  The project in Texas is my favorite type of work.  After Monday, things should slow down a little bit.

Time to wrap it up and catch some zzzz’s.  May all rest well tonight!


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