Back to school is rapidly becoming my new reality

For those that know me…shhh…don’t tell anyone just yet.  I previously discussed hitting a critical mass in my thinking that has pushed me to consider going back to school.  Well, I’m not considering; I’m applying.  And I have to do so by the end of November.  And I’ve upped my aspirations; rather than going for one or two additional MS degrees, I’m going for PhD with a possible side dish of MS.  I will be applying to environmental economics and integrative conservation and ecology.  No matter where I end up, I will weave both together.

I’ve met with profs in both schools, and I think I can’t go wrong. There seem to be some talented and energetic faculty here.

Thank you Athens for the low cost of living.  You and some other fortuitous events have made this possible.

I’m very excited.  I’ve got everything and more I need in terms of outdoor gear.  If I ever need extra money, I can just sell extra tents and tarps.  In some ways, a PhD seems like a vacation compared to work and other aspects of life the last few years.  So there you have it.  I’ve got a bunch to do by the end of November.  After that, for a few months, I will get to relax for a while.

Oh, and I’ve got three trips to Colorado booked for skiing this year!  All flights are free via frequent flyer miles.  I have a season skiing pass, so the cost of skiing is not too much.  And I’ve got a cheap place to stay near the bus line, so I won’t need to rent a car.  Giggity giggity!








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