Not so fast!!

Well despite my excitement of late looking at some living cost numbers has cooled down the schooling idea a little. I would have to sell my car, have a roomie, and work for school 20 a week and work a few hours outside of school just to scrape by. Or I could enjoy my new freedom at work, not have to stress about money, and travel some. In additioan nothing would stop me from continuing some independent research on topics I’m interested in.

I don’t know – being able to enjoy the current situation might make  more sense for the moment.  And for the first time in my life, I could live within my means. I could save up for future schooling.

It is interesting  — it seems you truly don’t know about a choice until you have to make the choice. I guess that is why economists prefer to look at ex post decisions.

The idea of independent learning sounds really good actually.  Hmm…

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