Meet Amy-dog!

Happy 2015 all!  I have been in Athens just over one year.  2014 was an interesting year, some ups, some downs, but overall pretty good.  I’m thinking 2015 might even be better.  I want to introduce you to the newest member of the family: Amy-dog.

Hi there! I’m Amy-dog. I am as nice as I am cute.


I had been thinking that I might get another dog in the spring after ski season is over.  Some times the universe can be interesting.  One of the nurses that helps out with my grandpa had another patient with Alzheimer’s Disease that recently had to be moved into a care facility.  She left behind a dog that needed a home.  I went over to meet her and that was all it took.  Amy is a very sweet, friendly, and loveable little doggie.  I think she is mostly pit bull and lab, but there seems to be something else that keeps her small.  She’s 3 or 4 years old so she should be full grown.  I’m guessing she is 35 to 40 lbs, and is probably 5 to 10 lbs overweight.

I’m a little bit of a porker right now, but my new Dad says that we will go for lots of walks.


So far I’ve figured out that Amy-dog loves people and other dogs, likes to play with tennis balls, and go on walks.  She is food oriented and seems very trainable.  She is a snuggler; she likes to curl up under the covers by my feet or stretch out along the back of my legs.  I think that will make her a good camping companion in cold weather.

I would love to know what little dog breed is part of her mix.  She sometimes has mannerisms that remind me of a Jack Russell.  That will probably remain a mystery.

I am happy to have another little buddy at the start of a new year!  I like to think that Roxy-dog is smiling at us from the great beyond.

First ride in the van.



I snore and make piggy snorts when I sleep. Yep, I’m cute.


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