Oh Sprinter, how I love thee…

I’m hanging out at a hotel near the ATL airport because I arrived from a business trip last night to a V-dub that wouldn’t start.  I think it is just that sitting for a few days and the cold conspired to drain the battery.  I’m thankful that I had done a stay-and-fly package so that my car is at a hotel rather than being in the airport garage (although at the airport I probably could have gotten a jump; I had to do that once in PHL when I had left an interior light on).  Being Friday night and the end of a long week of meetings, I just got a room and a good night’s sleep.  I’m currently waiting on my Dad to drive down and give me a jump, but in the meantime I would write something quickly.  AAA is swamped due to the cold and and is prioritizing people that are stranded on the roadways.  I’ll buy dad a nice lunch at the Hilton to say thanks.

The airport shuttle just happened to be a brand new Mercedes Sprinter.  I have been salivating over these things ever since I first thought about hitting the road full time a few years ago.  I saw once over the Georgia – Georgia Tech game in Athens earlier this year that someone had decked out into a pretty sweet little RV.  But the airport shuttle was the first one that I had ever driven in.  It was nice and roomy inside – it had the two seats up front, 4 rows of bench seats, and still had a large area to store luggage in the back.  They look tall from the outside, but I was surprised how much space there seemed to be inside; not only could you easily stand up, you could probably put some shelving in the top and still stand up.  I always thought that they looked top heavy and wondered if the center of gravity was too high, but they must have a great suspension because it felt very very solid.

I was looking around the interior seeing possibilities.  You could put a bed platform here, build a little kitchen / desk here, even build a little bathroom. (I’ve seen some ingenious ideas where people create a circular shower in a van using a round kiddie pool as the base, a hula-hoop as the shower rod, and a cut-down shower curtain.  That would work well for me.  I already know that I can use a household garden sprayer as a shower nozzle.)  It is big enough inside to put a recliner and full-size futon / couch in there.  I fell in love.  Maybe one day down the road I will be driving one of these things across the country!

I would probably build it out myself.  However, there are commercial options that are pretty awesome.  Here are a couple of possibilities.




Not too shabby.  For now, I’ve got the van and the car / trailer combo.  At some point, maybe it will make sense to switch.  Until then, I’ll happily enjoy what I’ve got.  I’m supposed to go camping tonight after meeting some work folks for a belated holiday dinner in Greenville, SC, but at this point I’ve just got to get the car going.

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