Today, happiness is…


It’s kind-of funny.  One of my last posts (the one that was titled something like, “F— happiness”) actually started out as a series that I thought I would do starting with, “today, happiness is x”.  I’m not sure exactly why that one morphed so much, but oh well.  I can start today.  Today…happiness is hitting golf balls well at the driving range, taking a nice walk around south campus with Amy-Leigh, getting some good work done, and looking forward to vacation!!  I guess my blood has thinned out a bunch.  It was still over 90 degrees tonight when Amy and I started our walk.  But there was a little breeze and I kept thinking, wow it feels great out here.  I guess it was a lot cooler than the 107 heat index that I hit golf balls in today.

* * * * *



Things have been going well lately.  The 4th of July weekend, which was also sort-of my birthday weekend, was fun.  An old high school buddy came up Thursday night and we hit the town, trying out some cocktails at a few new bars, watching some good southern rock hippie music, and then closing down one of the dive bars.  It was great to hang out with him.  It was funny – it reminded me why we have always been a good pair – he made friends with almost everyone in town in one night, and I got to be a sidekick.  It’s good to have some super-extroverted friends when you’re the opposite as I am.

I worked most of Friday and Saturday, and I’m almost through the big crunch that has been going on for a year now.  With fireworks now legal in GA, I have been having fun trying to guess which bangs I hear at night are fireworks and which are gunshots.  I’ve decided that if I hear a couple of pops followed by screeching tires and an engine winding up, it was probably gunshots.  Oh well, none have hit me or Amy-Leigh so far.  I headed up into the mountains on Sunday after the 4th to do some camping.  I went to Black Rock Mountain State Park, which is the highest state park in GA at a little under 4,000 feet.  The views were good and the temperatures were at least 10 to 15 degrees cooler than down here in the piedmont.  It sure feels the Devil came down to Georgia, at least when not in the mountains!  It seems like the heat index has been over 100 pretty much every day for a month now.  The cooler temps and a couple nights of camping felt great.  We had a couple of nice short hikes, I got some work done.

I took just the van, although I ended up not needing the A/C as I had expected.  This was the first trip taking the microwave.  That was very helpful – one-dish meals are definitely the way to go if you want to minimize time cleaning up while camping and working.  I also had a grill and an electric burner, so cooking was easy on this trip.  I worked some outside and some inside the van; both went well.  Amy-Leigh and slept pretty good; as usual the first night was rough.  I put some money into the van recently, getting all of the fluids flushed out and the broken side door hinge fixed.  The van has been running well since; apparently it liked the attention.  The mileage still gets me – I only got 13 on this tank, which was probably 75% highway miles.  Of course, considering that many new trucks and vans only get 20 on the highway, it’s definitely not worth shelling out $30 to $40 grand to save gas money.  I’m not sure I trust it to head across the country, however.  Who knows – I might find out this winter!  See all pics from the trip here.

I’ve been hitting a lot of golf balls at the driving range, in preparation for playing in Colorado soon.  It will be the first time I’ve played in quite a while, and I want to not embarrass myself too badly in front of my Colorado girlfriend.  It was rough at first, but the swing is coming back, and it is turning in to a nice little meditation of sorts.  I’m hoping that I can enjoy golf again.  It is more fun than it should be.  And it gets me outdoors.

I haven’t been riding the bike much – it has just been too hot.  Oh well.  Maybe it cool down a little later in the summer.

I’ve worked most of this weekend, but I am almost caught up for the first time in a very long time.  I’m looking forward to having work calm down a little bit.  I have finally come to the point where I know I enjoy what I do, I know I am pretty good at it, and I don’t mind sometimes working a bunch.  There is certainly a feeling of accomplishment when something goes well and it will be nice to have a break from a bunch of stuff hanging over my head.

I haven’ t been meditating too much, as I have mostly been working.  I do try to work it into my walks and golf ball hitting.  I haven’t been stressed or depressed or anything for the last little bit, so that has been good.  I feel like meditation is something that I can draw on when I need to.

That’s mostly it for the last week or two.  Things are good!  I’m looking forward to some vacation with my Colorado girlfriend, some more good music (Death Cab for Cutie and Toad the Wet Sprocket coming up in the next couple of weeks!), and to having some more time on my hands for the rest of the summer.

Here are a couple more pics from the camping trip.


I hope everyone is having a good night!  I leave you with a couple of songs from each of the bands above.  Enjoy!


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