I have a plan…no minivan

I’ve been going back-and-forth on this.  The minivan and small trailer idea sounded pretty good in theory, but the more I kept thinking about, the more I thought that using a minivan towing at even half of the rated capacity for extended highway trips just had too much potential to destroy that nice new minivan.  And it seems silly to have two car payments, an apartment, and be traveling around a lot.  Lastly, I am back to thinking that the cargo trailer conversion (my original idea before I got Volga) is the best way to go, and after looking at the weights again those are just going to be too heavy for the minivan.  So the minivan is out.  Here is the current plan:

–When I go out to Colorado for part of the ski season, I will be driving Volga.  I may take the truck topper cab off of the utility trailer to take some extra stuff if I need to.  With a low profile I shouldn’t have any problems with mileage or going fast or putting too much stress on the car.

–I am going to get a cargo trailer to convert.  Not sure which one exactly, but the search is on.

–I am going to use the van as the tow vehicle for now.  I’ve got a lot to see around the southeast.  Other than visiting Colorado (where I can fly for free and have a place to stay) and Delaware/Maryland (where work will pay me to stay), I will probably mostly stay around the southeast as I get the trailer setup and test out the van.  If it’s not giving me any troubles, then I may head for longer trips.  Anyway, the southeast is best for camping in the winter anyway!

I can still take Volga out west on some shorter trips, and stay in campgrounds of motels depending on the weather.  Getting 45 to 50 mpg and cheap hotels that are often available out in the middle of nowhere sounds better than another car payment at the moment.

So that’s it.  You never really know exactly what you want to do until you actually have a choice.  This time I thought I was pretty sure and then I decided to back off.  I am still working towards my dreams, I’m just following a slightly different path.  I am getting there though, and that is the key.

Peace and happiness to all today!

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