Some more winter North Georgia hiking


I’m going try and do a better job of writing about excursions and trips as they happen this year.  Today I want to share some pictures from a hike at Unicoi State Park, GA.



Like much of the GA mountains, the drive is under 2 hours.  It was cool, but not cold.  A nice southern winter day.  Amy-Leigh and I walked along the Lake Trail, which not surprisingly winds along the shoreline of the lake.  We then took a side trail that followed one of the feeder streams, walked up the road and checked out the campground, took another side trail to see the Squirrel’s Nest (a strange camping area consisting of elevated platforms that you can camp on; see picture below), and then cut back to the car.  All in all, a nice easy hike to stretch the legs and breathe in some clean mountain air.

We then searched for an old informal spot along a river within U.S. Forest Service land where some friends and I used to camp during our college days.  It was a great spot, and free!  On one fateful night where the camping gods shone some good luck on me and friends, we were surprised by a Forest Ranger who came up and demanded to look in the cooler that I happened to be using as a seat.  I was suddenly very nervous as I wasn’t sure whether it was the food cooler or the beer cooler.  The latter would be bad since we were all underage.  It turned out to be the food cooler, and thankfully he didn’t ask to peek into the other cooler.

I missed the turn-off at first and drove a ways down an unpaved Forest Service road, only to come across an awesome waterfall!

After that, we headed back and I found the correct spot.  As part of a stream / riparian corridor restoration project, they had put some big boulders around where we used to park and there were “no camping” signs everywhere.  Alas, all good things come to an end.  I hope the restoration is good for the river.  As the old Roxy-dog used to do, Amy-Leigh crashed and slept and snored all the way home.  I love taking doggies that used to be indoors all the time and taking them hiking.  They love it and they remind me what a special and wonderful world the outdoors is (are?).

So far in 2016, I’ve been spending my weekends outdoors.  And the trend will continue.  I ski in North Carolina this weekend (and they are supposed to get a foot of snow!) and then I’ll be back skiing in Colorado the following weekend.  I am definitely putting that part of the plan into action.

Here’s hoping that everyone is getting to do things that they enjoy this year!



A typical view while walking along the Lake Trail.

I’m not so sure why Amy-Leigh is so serious here.



Yes, a river runs through it.


You just knew that there would be a trademark shadow picture, didn’t you?

The “squirrel’s nest” camping area.  Interesting.

You never know what you might come across when you head off down a Forest Service dirt road.

Amy being all serious again.  As if to say, “are you sure this little VW hatchback will make it down this dirt road?  It’s getting dark, you know.”

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