2016 is scooting on by

Remote Cabin in Alaska_Plaid Zebra

Hells yeah, I could make something like this work!

Already at the end of January, 2016.  This month went by quickly.  I’ve stuck fairly well to my 2016 goals so far.  I’ve definitely been eating better overall and getting outside more, which were my two main things.  I’ve been sporadic with meditation and yoga, so I will work on getting those to be more like habits.  But all in all, things are going well.  I think that this might be the year that I open up some, in terms of getting out of my shell and finding some friends around here.  Maybe I’ll even date again.  I just haven’t worried about it much because I haven’t had a lot of luck in that area since moving to Athens, nor have I really cared about it that much.  The “Colorado girlfriend” is the closest thing I’ve had to any sort of actual relationship since moving down here.  It is more meaningful than the handful of FWB’s that I’ve run across in Athens.  I guess I was in a bit more of a partying mode when I first showed up, but it ran it’s course.

I’m not lonely, and I’m not scared of continuing to be what most people consider alone.  I have so many interests that I rarely get bored, and I feel like I’ve got some good friends, even if they are mostly scattered all over the place.  I’ve been considering making it worse; I’ve been looking at real estate and have found that I could easily afford several acres and a moderately new manufactured home for less than what I’m paying for rent now.  However, I will stick in town until I’m done with schooling, because there is a chance that I would be relocating when I’m done anyway.  Before that, I had spent some time looking for undeveloped land where I could live out of a camper, but most counties don’t allow that anymore.  Oh well.  For some reason I guess I don’t share Jimmy Buffett’s excitement, “Thank God I don’t live in a trailer”.  I might end up quite happy in one.  Who knows – if I end up getting a job with the Forest Service or BLM or some agency like that, perhaps I will end up living in a trailer…for free…on public land that I would be working to manage and protect.  Now that would be a pretty cool outcome of all of this!

Thinking about public lands and conservation and management reminds me of my grandfather.  It has been about a year (perhaps almost exactly) since my grandfather passed away.  I was thinking about him a couple of nights ago when I was working on a series of free online Wilderness Area Management training courses.  Perhaps he’s out there somewhere and can see the direction I’m taking.  I hope so.  He and my Dad were the biggest influences in terms my getting outdoors.  And the mountains held a call of their own.

I’m battling a so-far-not-too-bad case of step throat.  Not sure how I caught it since I work from home and don’t get out much.  Can you get sick from texting a bunch of people?  I pretended that I was in the blizzard this weekend by having a few drinks and calling or texting lots of people.  It was just as well that I didn’t go skiing last weekend; I’m sure that would not have helped my condition.  I’m hoping that I get over this quickly so I can ski in Colorado on the upcoming weekend.  Fingers crossing.  Knocking on wood and all.

Well, that’s it for this morning.  I’m thinking about you, Pop.  Hope things are well on the other side.  If you have any info on a cute introverted outdoorsy scientist type who wouldn’t mind living and working in the great outdoors, send me some vibrations or something.

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