This isn’t what my therapist had in mind…

So, I  sent my fist dick pic out tonight via text.  I had sent a few underwear pics in the past to some selected lucky ladies, but this had it all…well.. hanging out (and smiling, so to speak).  It’s a big step for this here man-child.  My therapist said that I need to open up and take risks, so there you go…I sent a picture of me at half-mast.  That’s probably not what my therapist had in mind, but you gotta test yourself here and there, right?

It reminds me of the time that I danced naked on the stage of a strip club the night of my 21st birthday.  Was I drunk?  Fuck yes!  Was I embarrassed at the time?  Well, not really at the time (too drunk to care), but the next day, well hells yeah because my guy friends and their girlfriends all witnessed me dancing around with my pants around my ankles (and, regrettably, that was before I learned about “manscaping”)!  Do I regret it now?  FUCK NO!  It was one of the best (and funniest) things I ever did.

And there is a lesson in that…embarrass yourself today…and have great stories for a future day…

There only needs to be one commandment.  Something like:

Love life…don’t hurt others and and give love to others…ALL others…AMEN!!!!!

That’s not so hard, is it?  Why does humanity have such a hard time with that?  I know that my dick pic brought a smile to a special someone’s face tonight…daily mission accomplished!



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