Random thoughts 7/5 edition

I Love the deck. Today i got a couple of potted plants and a new grill. Ive been grilling on my tiny weber smokey joe for the last cpl of years. Today i got a big boy weber kettle. I broke it in with a nice angus sirloin and some grilled veggies.  Yum!  Its nice to have a cool place to spend some time outdoors, as i am right now while writing this post. (When it is not dark i will take a picture).  I came acccross sour monkey from victory brewing for the first time — mmm mmmm good 🙂 

I have recently reinvigorated a cpl of semi-friendships with the locals so hopefully i can host a cookout sometime this summer. I find that im having just enough interaction with people to keep me from going full-on bonkers, even though i still dont have any really close friends here (yet). Im hoping that will change when i make it back to school next year, but im good for now. I have even (gasp) gotten some digits lately and have been thinking about trying on-line dating. Its about damn time. I think im ready, but only one way to find out. 

I have completed several home improvement projects lately. I think that once i decided i was going back to school and was going to be in this spot for the next few years, it made sense to sprice (thats a new word i just accidentally invented, a combination of spice and spruce) things up a bit. 

Im reading my second book discussing the buddha’s teachings for lay people (i.e. Non-monks). Turns out that he was okay with lay people enjoying wordly pleasures and accumulating wealth as long as it was done in the right way. Interesting. So maybe there is a chance of my semi-hedonistic yet compassionate, peaceful, and joyous  “buffett buddhism” after all!! 

Oh and i bought an electric guitar, my first one. It is so much fun to be able to make all sorts of noise! So far i have learned a riff from blackberry smoke and one from van halen. Amazon should be providing me software that is lessons in a game format…looking forward to that. Learning guitar better is on the bucket list. Maybe one day ill play a concert. (Ive been inspired by a super-cute 24-year-old with an amazing voice who sings and plays acoustic guitar every thurs night  at a hotel bar near my house; unfortunately ive got a tennis match tomorrow night so i will miss her unless it rains).  

Oh yeah, so ive been playing in tennis league. That is fun. Im still getting beat most matches, but i am getting better. Sports make exercise bearable. I want to start playing b-ball again too. 

Ill be camping this weekend and am looking forward to that. Im also planning some trips to national parks later this year. I want to see a few more before heading back to school, which will tie me down a little more than ive been used to. Bit it’s worth it. 

I think i may have discovered my purpose. More on that in another post. For now, though, i am going to enjoy listening to the sounds of the night, both the tree frogs, insects, and other critters, and the urban sounds of air comfitioners and trains and cars etc. 

I wish all beings a wonderful night! 



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