Dont know why but

Blackberry smoke is awesome camping music. Something re their brand of countryfied southern rock goes well with a cold beer, warm fire, stars peeking through the clouds, and the sounds of crickets. 

One thing country folk have right that people in the cities dont often get is that some of the time, no most of the time, what makes life sweet is the little things. Country people work just as hard or harder than their city counterparts but, somehow, seem to find the time to slow down and enjoy life a little more…well if not on meth i suppose. 

Perhaps being more in tune with the outdoors makes you tune in more to the speed of the universe, perhaps its just the mezmorizing effect of the aforementioned beer and fire combo…

Perhaps its having a moment away to appreciate the fact that as much as life sucks sometimes, it is actually pretty damn good most of the time. Most places ive travelled to, it is sunny more than it rains. Life is like that too, if we pay attention and dont expect it to be sunny all the time. Expectations are everything. Expect the worst and be grateful when its anything else. Strive to be the best you can be but never be disappointed with what and who you are. 

 i wouldnt want to be anywhere or anybody else tonight.  Why should it ever be any different? 

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