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While I’m being snarky…

I was just in a uni-sex bathroom.  Shouldn’t they be called bi-sex or multi-sex bathrooms?  Just sayin’.  Like some old comedian said (it may have been George Carlin, not sure): Why do they call them apartments when they’re all stuck … Continue reading

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The dangers of relying on computers for spellchecking

I’m revising my statement of purpose for graduate school.  Unfortunately, my latop’s keyboard has an issue where it often does not recognize that I pressed a key, resulting in one or more missing characters.  I rely on spellcheck to help … Continue reading

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Excited to begin Meditation Classes Tonight

I looked into the type of meditation that they teach and got goose bumps.  It is Dhammakaya meditation.  From what I’ve read, they teach you to rest your mind in the center of your body.  You can also imagine a … Continue reading

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