The dangers of relying on computers for spellchecking

I’m revising my statement of purpose for graduate school.  Unfortunately, my latop’s keyboard has an issue where it often does not recognize that I pressed a key, resulting in one or more missing characters.  I rely on spellcheck to help me find these omissions, but that doesn’t work when the mistake results in an actual word.  I have found a number of instances where my statement contains the phrase “pubic policy” instead of “public policy” (read that again carefully if you didn’t see it the first time).  What does pubic policy and Christmas have in common?  No l.  (Geez I crack myself up).  Anyway, shouldn’t computers be smart enough at this point in time to catch this sort of thing?  Perhaps computer scientists could work on this issue rather than figuring out how to bombard me with advertisements for things that I’ve already purchased.  Just sayin’!



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